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With the support of the Sasakawa and Daiwa Foundations we have been able to continue our research and development in Japan involving community organisations in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Itoshima, and professional artists from across the country. In the interest of international relations and understanding, our aim is to take our investigations further by looking at the connection between US, UK and Japanese jazz dance and music.


This project is significant because, although jazz has its foundation in the USA, Japan has taken much inspiration from the London/UK jazz scene and has in turn developed its own unique perspective. Through this project we have created a cultural documentary study using video and audio, and have engaged with a diverse cross section of people in both Japan and the UK. These materials can further interaction and communication between artists, students and other interested parties internationally.


This is a conversation in progress and we are hoping to take it to the next level by returning to Japan and building on what we have achieved so far. UK-Japanese understanding is enhanced by this project because it engages many people who interact and learn from one another through a shared interest. Special thanks to Masumi Endo, Irven Lewis, Art Space Sara, Fukae Community Centre and Tokyo Step Arts for supporting our research projects 'Let's Go Tokyo' and 'Improvisation in Japan'.

During our visit we produced a community performance in Itoshima which was well attended by local people, young and old. The dancers for this performance were Satoko Fukuda, Daisuke Yamamoto, Ai Iwashita, Ai Kochou, Chika Yamada, Hisashi Watanabe, Sachiko Teshima, Daisuke Kunugida, Anne Tatematsu, Masumi Endo and Deborah Baddoo. The musicians were Miki Tsukamoto (piano), Kiyoshi Mamura (double bass), Asami Ama (shamsin and voice), Geo (voice) and Steve Marshall (piano and voice). Poetry Reading was by Kiyomi Sakamoto and costume by nu° linen designer, Naomi Yamayoshi.

Photographs taken in Itoshima and Fukuoka, and at the Fukae Centre, Itoshima where State of Trust worked with local artists to create a performance.

Selected Interviews

Selected Interviews

Watch Now

During our visit we interviewed artists in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Itoshima. Click here to view a selection. For translation into English, and to view all of the interviews, please click more.

Improvisation in Tokyo with Yuki Hayashi, Kenji Ishida, Takahiro Araki, Motomi Kamiya, Yoko Ishida, Deborah Baddoo and Steve Marshall. To watch more improvisation films click more.

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