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With the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Beckford Tower Trust, we are now into the second phase of a Research and Development project which links the story of Tacky's Rebellion with the history of Beckford Tower, Bath.


The R&D involves young people in Bath and Bristol and a wider public online. Alongside a series of themed webinars, a practical workshop programme, delivered by the author and a team of exceptional artists, is giving young people an experience of creative writing, dance and music whilst increasing their awareness of the historical and cultural context.

For more on our popular webinar series please  click here or go to WEBINARS in the menu above. For further information about the accompanying dance theatre interpretation of 'Cane Warriors', directed and produced by State of Emergency Limited, please go to

“Cane Warriors is one of the most important narratives I have ever written because it focuses on a part of world history that has been ignored and understated. It's time that Tacky and his fellow Cane Warriors are remembered..." Alex Wheatle, MBE

‘Cane Warriors’ is based on the true story of Tacky's Rebellion, an uprising of Akan slaves that occurred in Jamaica in 1760. It was the most significant slave rebellion in the Caribbean after the 1733 slave insurrection on St. John and before the 1791 Haitian Revolution.

Online Image Gallery including photos of students attending 'Cane Warriors' workshops at The Percy Centre, Bath and Bristol School of Acting, plus photos of our workshop leaders. For photos of the R&D performance project go to

Cane Warriors

Cane Warriors

Watch Now

Online Video Gallery including R&D and rehearsal footage shot at the University of Bedfordshire; two complete live performance films at Uni of Bedfordshire and Arnolfini, Bristol; film of Alex Wheatle presenting a 'Cane Warriors' workshop to Fairfield School, Bristol; three short promotional films for showing extracts from the live performance; director Steve Marshall talking about the process of interpreting 'Cane Warriors' for dance theatre; our R&D video diary; the complete webinar series presented by Terry Baddoo; and a film of Alex Wheatle reading from 'Cane Warriors' at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith to members of the creative team.

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