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Performance at Itoshima



With the support of the Sasakawa and Daiwa Foundations we are able to continue developing our work in Japan involving community organisations in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Itoshima and professional dance and music artists from across the country. Special thanks to Masumi Endo, Irven Lewis, Art Space Sara, Fukae Community Centre and Tokyo Step Arts for supporting our research projects 'Let's Go Tokyo' and 'Improvisation in Japan'.

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State of Trust has developed a long-term relationship with South Africa over many years. Projects include 'Desert Crossings', which examined the geological connection between the Namibian and Devon coastlines; and 'Where Is Home?' which traced the journey of a migrant from South Africa under Apartheid. Thanks to Arts Council England, UNESCO and the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site for their support.

Photo of Where Is Home? audition in Jo'burg by Daniel Spencer

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In collaboration with CalArts we were invited to deliver a dance and music summer school at Ramon C Cortinez School of Visual and Performing Arts in downtown Los Angeles for local young people as an extention of our 'Where Is Home?' international project. The themes of 'Where is Home?' are migration, home and diaspora, identity, belonging and self worth.

Photo of 'Where Is Home?' summer school (c) Daniel Spencer.

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