‘Where is Home?’ is a participatory movement, dance and music project supported by HPC/Somerset Community Foundation, that delivers creative workshops focusing on the positive aspects of migration and integration. To date, State of Trust has delivered over 60 days of workshops, reaching more than 1200 participants.


‘Where is Home?’ aims to improve understanding between cultures in educational settings, to build the confidence of children and young people from diverse cultures within mainstream schools, and to improve community cohesion and social acceptance within neighbourhoods. In doing so, ‘Where is Home?’ makes a positive impact on the well-being of all participants.


‘Where is Home?’ was originally a dance-theatre production about a migrant’s journey, and explored themes of home, homelessness and journeys raising the questions: "Where are you from? Where are you heading? Where is home?".


The show was created in London, Johannesburg and Los Angeles and was first performed in South Africa. The show featured high energy music and dance from South Africa, mixed with contemporary and urban culture from the UK and USA and toured nationally and internationally to great acclaim.

For further information go to www.whereishome.biz.


Alongside these performances, State of Trust designed an educational/outreach package which uses movement and music to address themes of displacement, migration, identity and belonging. This evolved into a stand-alone workshop programme delivered by a skilled group of dance practitioners which offers a wide range of participants a creative, social and thought-provoking experience.


Photo of our Johannsesburg workshops by Daniel Spencer. Film of our Los Angeles summer school by Kathryn Brillhart.